Reminder General Conference

Dear all,
This is a reminder that you can now submit panels and papers for the General Conference in Oslo (call open until February 2015). There are numerous sections that will be of interest to you, so please have a look at the list below:
1.      The SG has endorsed Lorenz Zamponi and Priska Daphi’s session titled “Beyond Social Movements: Cross-Field Insights on Contentious Politics”, which addresses a broad range of classic and timely topics in research on social movements and political participation, and connects them to other fields of political science (e.g. parties, migration, media). For more details:
2.      For those with an interest in methodological issues in participation research, the section “Measuring Political Participation” organized by Christina Eder and Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen will be of particular interest:
3.      For those with an interest in urban movements, there is a section on “Impacts of Urban Movements in Local Governance” by Miguel Martinez and Gianni Piazza:
4.      For those with an interest in environmental activism, the section on “Environmental Politics and Policy” by Sherilyn MacGregor and Hannes Stephan hosts several panels with a focus on green social movements and political participation:
5.      For those with an interest in protest in times of crisis in Greece and elsewhere, there is several interesting panels in the section “Protest Dynamics, Repertoire Change and Party Politics in Times of Crisis: The Case of Greece, 2009-2016” organized by Seraphim Seferiades and Loukia Kotronaki:
6.      For those with an interest in political networks, Mario Diani organizes a section on “Political Networks”, with a dedicated panel on social movements, and relevant panels on big data, climate policy and belief formation
7.      For those with an interest in big data, social media, and digital activism, please check the section entitled “Political Sciences and the Big Data Challenge. From Big Data in Politics to the Politics of Big Data” by Elena Pavan and Alice Mattoni:
Best wishes,

Joint Sessions 2018 Nicosia proposals

Dear all,

As you probably know, the steering committee of the Standing Group on Participation and Mobilization can endorse sections for ECPR conferences. Right now you can propose workshops for the Joint Sessions 2018 in Nicosia. The deadline for submitting workshops is February 1 2017. Although there are thus still several weeks left, processing the applications within the SG steering committee takes time, and because we would like to give you also some time to have a chance to consider our feedback, we kindly ask you to submit proposals that seek endorsement no later than December 30. We plan to communicate a decision and feedback by January 13.

As always, the steering committee will use the following four criteria to evaluate proposals:

1.       Fit of the proposal with the core topics of the SG (participation and mobilization)

2.       How inclusive is the proposal in terms of the broad range of topical, theoretical and methodological interests of SG members (i.e. will it attract a broad range of members or only a narrow set of them).

3.       How well does the proposal represent / accommodate the diversity of gender, geographical origin, and levels of experience in the discipline

4.       What is the overall quality of the proposal

Other than these criteria, you should follow the official ECPR section proposal guidelines, which can be found here:

Your proposals can be sent to me at We look forward to reading them.

Finally, a small celebratory note before the weekend: as of this week the SG has more than 300 members. That means that over the course of this year, the SG has doubled in size. We hope that you experience being a member of the SG as useful, and we hope that you will renew your membership at the beginning next year (don’t worry, you will be reminded again). But also, never hesitate to contact us if you have ideas on how to make the SG as useful as possible (e.g. ideas for the way the SG is organised, but also for activities we could organise).

All best,


Membership renewal

Dear members of the SG Participation and Mobilisation,

This is a gentle reminder to renew your membership before December 31. The online process to renew all SG memberships is now open.
This is how you can do it:

Log onto your My ECPR account at
Click on MyECPR on the top right-hand side and click ‘My Groups’
This will open the ‘My Groups’ page listing the SGs you belong to -  click on ‘Renew membership’ for each Group you want to renew
Best wishes,

ECPR General Conference Oslo 2017

ECPR has revealed the sections of the 2017 General Conference in Oslo and panels and papers can now be proposed (until 15 February). The section entitled ‘Beyond Social Movements: Cross-Field Insights on Contentious Politics’, organized by Lorenzo Zamponi and Priska Daphi was endorsed by the Standing Group and has been accepted. There will thus be plenty of opportunity to discuss issues relating to political participation and social movements:

There are some other sections as well that will certainly be of interest to some of you. Please have a look at them as well:

For those with an interest in urban movements:

For those with an interest in environmental action:

For those with an interest in methodological issues in participation research:

For those with an interest in protest in times of crisis in Greece and elsewhere:

For those with an interest in social movements and networks: